Study material for CAIA Level II (March 2021)

I have the e-book for volume two, but it doesn’t include topic 7 or any of the testbank questions.

As you know, significant changes were made to the CAIA Level II curriculum after the Sept. ’20 exam and our team has been working diligently to get our study materials updated and delivered to you as quickly as possible, while maintaining the important comprehensiveness and accuracy for which we are renowned.
To this end, we provide our products in sets so that you can proceed with your studies as soon as possible.

Available now:

Study Handbook: Volume 1 (Topics 2-4)
Study Handbook: Volume 2 (Topics 5-7)
TestBank questions: Topics 2-4
Next sets:
TestBank questions (Topics 5-7)
Study Handbook: Volume 3 (Topics 1, 8-9) + corresponding TestBank questions

There’s another test bank provider it seems (Locklinn), although they are quite limited in the number of chapters covered, probably for the same above reason. It’s free though which is quite a nice addition! They appear on google if you type Locklinn CAIA

Please give some study tips.

Started a study group in what’s app. Anyone committed to September L2 exam welcome to join.

Hi I will be taking CAIA level 2 in sep as well and would love to join the WhatsApp group.

I have my study material and my handwritten notes of Level II if anyone is keen is getting their hadns on those. Happy to share those across

Hi Abhiwad,

Could you please share the level 2 notes with me.

I would be appearing for the exam and would really benefit from the notes.

Would be grateful, If you can share the notes.

Sure. I have schweser notes, Quicksheet for $50, my handwritten notes for $75 and the Schweser Q-Bank for $25. Let me know which material are you keen on purchasing