Study material for CAIA Level II (March 2021)

Dear All,

First of all, congrats to all who passed the Level I and now are heading towards the level II. For my level I preparation I used the following:

  • UM Qbank (web)
  • CAIA Level I Core Book (e-book) and all the free materials you find in the CAIA website.

I thought about doing the same for the level II, any thoughts or suggestions? What do you think about the “Digital Platform - Level II” you find now in the CAIA website? is it useful? (


Hi Edoardo,

Congrats for passing L1. Like you, I also use UM Qbank for L1. However, UM’s material for L2 is not ready. Would you be going with other providers? Thanks.

I will not be using the Digital Platform.

Don’t use Kaplan for L2, just wait for UM. I used Kaplan cause I did well on L1 but I am pretty sure I did not pass L2. Kaplan questions way too easy compared to real L2 exam. I wish I had listened to others. Going to order UM as soon as I get confirmation I failed.

I used um and passed L1 & L2 . didnt read the caia book in both levels