Study material for CAIA Level II (March 2021)

Dear All,

First of all, congrats to all who passed the Level I and now are heading towards the level II. For my level I preparation I used the following:

  • UM Qbank (web)
  • CAIA Level I Core Book (e-book) and all the free materials you find in the CAIA website.

I thought about doing the same for the level II, any thoughts or suggestions? What do you think about the “Digital Platform - Level II” you find now in the CAIA website? is it useful? (


Hi Edoardo,

Congrats for passing L1. Like you, I also use UM Qbank for L1. However, UM’s material for L2 is not ready. Would you be going with other providers? Thanks.

I will not be using the Digital Platform.

Don’t use Kaplan for L2, just wait for UM. I used Kaplan cause I did well on L1 but I am pretty sure I did not pass L2. Kaplan questions way too easy compared to real L2 exam. I wish I had listened to others. Going to order UM as soon as I get confirmation I failed.

I used um and passed L1 & L2 . didnt read the caia book in both levels

Is anyone else having trouble with contact from the Uppermark client services? They seem to keep pushing back the date of release for the material.

Uppermark probably has the worst customer service among the CAIA providers. I did have the same bad customer service experience with them in L1 and this time for L2, it really sucks as until now they have not released any study materials.

anyone knows when UM or schweser will release the materials with the new 2021 curriculum?

Schweser have released their ebooks - they do actually seem much improved from the March 2020 version I was using previously.

Uppermark have released Topics 2 and 3 QBank, and the first set of books covering Topics 2-4 if I remember right. The expect to release the other topics in December/Jan.

Study is going to be tight time wise with the delayed release of all the books and QBanks.

thanks Daniel. i think i will go with scheser even as i would rather prefer UM. but i think is too risky to wait for UM.

Just to warn you and to give more balanced feedback, no QBank from Schweser yet. They’re projecting it to be released in December.

I have not been able to get a response from UM through email or phone (left a message with an answering service). I used UM to pass L1 on the first try but failed L2 using UM in Sep. The curriculum change makes the retake challenging, but I’m hesitant to switch to Schweser. Is anyone else making a switch to Schweser due to the delayed UM availability?

Schweser said their stuff is shipping out this week, they aknowledged delay due to L2 updates. I failed with them so planning to just use them for the reading part since with pass protecton it’s free, but will wait for UM for actual QBank.

I just received my Schweser books and there’s no summary of formulas on the back??? Anyone having same issue?

Do you mean the QuickSheet? I didn’t get the ebook version yet either so guessing it’s delayed.

No, what I mean is that at the end of each book they would always have a summary of all formulas. This time around they did not include that. Also, do you guys have access to the online material yet? QBank, pdf versions of books, calendar etc?

Oh wow - just checked my previous edition Kaplan books and they do contain formulas… never noticed before. The March 2021 doesn’t contain any formulas.

I do have access to the eBooks, they aren’t PDF but are accessed via VitalSource. Kaplan QBank/Calendar is not up yet.

Now Kaplan says no online access before Dec 16…

First lecture is 19th so doesn’t give much time to print the slides…

Anyone can access to UpperMark test bank level 2 “Volume 2” questions?
They sent me an email saying updated. But I don’t see any update for the test bank.

There’s no UM Volume 2 testbank for me as well. Even my E-reader is still not showing the Volume 2 text book.