study material print quality

hello everyone can you please comment on the print quality and the paper quality of the study material of third party compared to CFAI? I like to highlight a lot when studying and the CFAI books had excellent paper (I like that kind of some what glossy thin paper) I am asking this since I am planning to buy ether elan or schweser notes and can’t tell if they use the same type of paper as the CFAI books, I used Elan’s 11th hr book and the paper used was cheap and bad and had really bad smell not to mention the black finger prints on it and the pages that were stuck together , the problem is that their material is quite good to be honest and the price is about right I dont know about the schweser notes since I didnt have any notes from them so from your experience what kind of paper does elan and schweser notes use compared to CFAI books ?? And please excuse me if you find my post to be Lame lol :slight_smile: Thanks

Paper in Schweser books at actually quite high quality. I never had a problem with rips or highlighters bleeding through. I actually think CFA books had cheap paper, but I think they may be different now that Wiley is the publisher as opposed to Pearson when I got the books.

what about the Elan notes ? can anyone comment on the quality of the paper used? is it the same as the 11th hr guide ( matt paper not glossy ) ?

I actually think the CFA books are great if you don’t highlight. I find with highlighting the mark can be seen through the page unless I use an older highlighter. Schweser is good quality.

It’s been a few years so things might have changed, but I do recall darker highlighters (blue, pink, green) tended to be rather visible on the other side in the Schweser notes. First contact with the page from a relatively new yellow one would also bleed through. Never used Elan. I strongly endorse Schweser though.

any experience with the Elan notes ?? what kind of paper do they use ??

common guys, give us some info about the Elan notes print quality and paper used

I used Elan for Level I and am using them for Level II now. The paper quality is fine I think. The paper is definitely thicker than the CFAI books. Just buy the PDFs if you’re so worried abt paper quality and print it yourself.

is there paper glossy or not ? is it the same kind used in the 11th hr book ? did you have pages that weren’t cut (stuck together at the top) ??

I am no printing expert. The paper was fine. I still have the Level I books (almost 2 years old now) and they’re fine. No the pages weren’t stuck together.