Study material recommendations needed


I am planning to take L1 in June 2013 and right now I am going to use Elan as primary study material and a couple of random Schwesser products (e.g. Qbank). I recently passed the CPA so some of the financial will be familiar but many of the topics will be review from college, which was 8 years ago. I heard that Elan has the best lectures and goes more in depth than Schwesser.

I’d appreciate some feedback from others that have been in the position of needing more intensive review and the products that they have used.


I like the Schweser videos instruction series (this is not the same as the live class room via the internet). Their slides and examples are pretty good and it’s nice to know I can stop, pause and rewind anytime I need to. If you like the classroom experience then you may want to try a live class, but if you are good at setting a study schedule on your own, don’t know if you can commit to a live class and/or are a visual learner then the online experience may be better for you.

My brother’s friend studied from Elan and he said the same thing that their videos goes in more depth.

I have seen some of the schweser videos in Level I. They were more of a review and it’s difficult to grasp anything out from them unless you have gone through their study notes first. This i heard is not the case with elan.

Hmm thanks!