Study Material

I am new to this CFA thing, but I have been hearing very conflicting opinions about the notes. I am sure notes are a personal preference thing, but I just want to ask which notes would be better for someone has an undergraduate in Finance & Math. Also, does the syllabus change dramatically everyyear. Because I have 2007 Schweser books, but I am wondering if I can use them for 2008, and purchase Stalla for 2008. Would that be a good idea? Please advise.

2007 schweser notes should be fine, make sure you study ethics from the curriculum.

thanks cart! any other pointers?

I wouldn’t study both, you have enough to go through as is, looking at too much will overload your noggin’… Plus with your undergrad experience much of the material will be review as is. More time on questions rather than reading/note taking from 3 sources would most likely be more valuable for you. Schweser’s worked well for me… Apparantly there have been quite a few changes in the LOS from December’s writing, I’d consult the Schweser website to help you make up your mind whether an updated copy has value…