Study Materials - Allen Resources

Has any one used study materials from Allen Resources? They advertise a CFA Waiver that seems mighty attractive since I was laid off in March, and have yet to find a new job. Essentially, they allow candidates to use study materials and pay only if they pass the exam.

I do not think I have known anyone to actualy use Allen Resources stuff. Just pick either Schweser or Stalla and then everyone on AF can help you with questions.

I know about Schweser and Stalla . . . Just trying to avoid an up-front out-lay of cash since I am unemployed at the moment . . . would rather not charge anything to my credit cards if I can help it. If I had to choose though, I’d likely go with Sharp Seminars in NYC. I have the Level II CFAI curriculum to tide me over till I can decide what to do. Will likely start studying next month.

I used Allen Resources many moons ago so you know at least one person who used their stuff. Schweser and Stalla are better, but if the waiver seems attractive because you are risk-averse (smart, btw), they will help you pass the exam.

I stand corrected. I suppose on these forums Schweser and Stalla is so prevalent that I keep forgetting about the other providers. I just looked at their waiver and it does seem like a pretty good deal. But it looks like the deadline to decide for their waiver deal is today?

Thanks . . . JoeyDVivre You’re right . . . I’m trying to hedge my bets . . . Would not be a problem if I had not lost my job . . . Just being cautious till I have some cash coming in. There’ll be other deadlines for the June 2009 Level II exam . . . They generally try to align their deadlines with CFAI exam registration deadlines. Today is a deadline for December Level I candidates . . . Or, at least that’s the impression I get from reading their website.