Study Materials - Level 2 - Enough?

Hello, I have the core readings provided by GARP and the Schweser L2 2010 materials. Anyone who previously taken L2 have an opinion on this? I feel like it should be sufficient, however, I dont know how much the material may have changed between 2010 level 2 and 2011 level 2. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

According to Bionic Turtle there was a decent turnover on Level 2 from 2010 to 2011. As a result, I wouldn’t risk using the old Schweser notes. By the way, I used the GARP readings and the Bionic Turtle videos and questions and was well prepared to take the exams. Some people like Schweser materials, others comment that the Q-Bank isn’t representative of the level of difficulty of the actual exam questions. I recommend using whatever worked for you on level 1. Good luck!

Here is the link if you want check out the changes in detail:

Thank you for the link, thats extremely helpful. I’ll compare the schweser 2010 readings/aims with the 2011 GARP reading/aims and use the schweser where appropriate, and use the GARP readings for all new chapters. Much Appreciated.