Study Materials/Q Bank

I have noticed several different types of additional study materials available outside of the CFAI materials sent when you register (I am studying for the 2008 exam). I am having a hard time getting a handle on the supplemental materials. I have found I study best when I read the material and take question after question. I would prefer an electronic question bank, either online or on a CD, to use for the studying. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good program with challenging questions? Any help would be appreciated. My own research has left me with many options but no real solutions. Thanks!

iagobg23, you may consider purchasing Schweser’s Q-Bank. It has got 4,500+ questions that gives you ample of questions to get your hand good parctise to the formula and other theoritical concepts on each LOS. Q-Bank has got online version too.

Make sure you buy all the CFAI online exams, or at least as many as you can offer. The Schweser qbank, which I bought, was a great tool to reinforce the concepts. They are easier than the actual exam questions.

Easier than the actual exam questions kind of scares me, frankly. I want something that will beat me up and feel like I MIGHT pass with a miracle as opposed to walking in feeling great with an inflated sense of competency. I will check out the CFAI online exams, just waiting for those to become available.

You’re right iagobg23, I too want something that’ll beat me to perform better rather than maintaining false sense of competency. Are CFAI one of the products of Schweser, when they are generally become available.

If you want something to shatter your confidence by book 7 from Schweser.