Study Materials

Passed level I in December and taking level II in June. I figured I would read the CFA textbooks and just buy the Qbank and the practice exams. After receiving the textbooks I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish all the readings and still have time for a good review. I work full time and the readings are pretty long. So I figured I’ll use the Schweser notes primarily and use the CFA text for the end of chapter questions and additional reference. Just wanted to see if anyone else has done this and how it worked out. Thanks.

i am done with my schweser notes and vids, i can give them to you for free… like you i passed in dec, but i started studying for l2 before the results came out… i felt very good when i read schweser, but then i read cfa books and it was a realiy check, schweser did cover all topics, and you get the feeling that you know it all, but in reality you don so i say you must read cfai books at least once… contact me if you want he schweser stuff

Anyone else?