Study materials

Hello, everyone,

I’m planning to take FRM Part I in May 2012. And I got really confused about the study materials.

  1. What is the content of the FRM Part I Books – the chapters/articles listed in the Study Guide or a content written by GARP?
  2. The price of the FRM Part I Books, as stated on the GARP website, is US$250, plus shipping. When I try to register, it says that I have to pay another US$153.82 for the UPS services. So “plus” does not mean “including” is that right?
  3. I see that many of the candidates use study materials published by BT, Schweser, etc. Are they alternative or complementary to the FRM Part I Books? What are the differences among them and between them and the FRM Part I Books?

Thank you for your comprehensive answer, David! You helped me make my choice.