Study Materials

Just received my CFAI textbooks and was wondering what your opinions were on it. I am currently an undergrad finishing up my degree in finance, so the financial quant stuff was pretty good for me. However, I am wondering if the CFAI books are completely different, as in more thorough, than any of the prep course materials? I am working my way through book 2 (econ) and some of the probability/stats stuff in book 1 seemed excessive. Thanks

Good luck speshaled. I’m using Schweser’s study notes so I can’t help you there.

The CFAI textbooks are massive! I’m awaiting my schweser study notes and am very interested to compare the two. I’m writing in december and eventhough the books are massive i’m going to try and stick with them as my main sources of study and use schweser as review and fine tuning.

when are you writing the exam speshaled?

taking the june exams. I have the schweser materials for 2007. I am not sure if i should just stick with the cfai stuff or use the 07 schweser notes

I would suggest to stick with schweser buddy. I have schweser 2007 as well. there is only 80 days left. I dont think you have enough time to go over cfai, unless you do not have a job… Also, i would suggest you to get qbank from schweser, it is a big help though… Cart

Cart10, I’ve been usind the CFAI texts. How much shorter are the schweser books? Do they follow the same layout as the CFAI texts?

they pretty much explain each LOS. schweser books could save you around 70% of your time. I used cfa books for dec 07 test and it took me forever to finish them up. as a result, i did no have enough time for review and practice questions. I would suggest to leave 3 or 4 weeks for review and qbank. i hope to finish the readings the last week of april and devote the last 5 weeks doing as many practice questions as i can.