Study Methodology

Hi everyone,
First time posting here but been reading the forum a lot.

My main question is about the study methodology I’m following.
I’m studying everyday around 2-3 hours from Kaplan notes and following an structure of one day studying one reading and next day doing questions related to the reading done the previous day. (Ex. Monday reading 14th Aggregated output and Tuesday exercises related to this topic.)

The materials I’m using is:

Readings -> Kaplan Notes 2020 + Secret Sauce 2019
Exercises -> Kaplan Notes + EOC CFA + Kaplan Qbank

1 month pre exam I’ll start blasting questions and mockups.

I’m having some doubts because I’ve read opinions that say that Kaplan is not enough on readings nor exercises…

Do you think is this a proper way to face December L1 exam? Should I be worried about focusing on Kaplan exercises and readings and not using CFA readings? Some say Kaplan questions are not in line with exam.

Thanks in advance!!!

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I invoke you @S2000magician :raised_hands:t2:
I have also enrolled in the CFA study plan and will study theory from both kaplan and the resumes CFA provides for the LOS.

Enough? Not enough? Or more than enough?
Really appreciate your help

That should be fine.

Make sure that you work a lot of questions to get plenty of practice.

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