Study methods

Is it enough to prepare the CFA Level II exam only on Schweser notes?

I 've just finished the whole Curriculum Book 1 and wonder the time remaining is not enough for me to go through if i keep on studying on Curriculum.

Thank you.

I did the schwezer notes and after going through the CFAI material, I find the notes to lack a lot of important material. The notes were very soft on goodwill and its impact on income/balance sheet, various FRA concepts, lackin also on corporate finance, and other topics.

Probably enough to pass if you are solid on the notes but I think you will land various questions on the test that you realize you never even heard of.

Schweser is enough for level 1. For level 2, I used Schweser last year and found the material grossly inadequate. I’m going with the CFAI books this year and it’s many times better/useful.

No sole shortcuts can help in level 2.

What about flounder shortcuts?

Or halibut shortcuts?

Or even turbot shortcuts?