Study music?

What’s everyone listening to during (hopefully) the last days of you CFA exam lives? I’ve got Rubber Soul by the Beatles on now…

Britney spears

No, really. I have been listening to a bit of Metallica, Elbow and Kasabian today - but not much. I’m not a fan of listening to music when studying.

All hail Bieber, aka Biebs.

Sirius 36, alt nation.

I like the opposite of what i normally listen to when im studying… real mellow stuff, like coldplay or moby, some guy called ulrich schnauss that shows up on my pandora. Don’t know why, it just helps me study. If I listen to the black keys or something like that i just get distracted.

the reward is more pa55ing

ohai Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > All hail Bieber, aka Biebs. I’ll second that. A shot Biebs and a Miley Cyrus chaser. Or you could drop the shot of Biebs into the glass of Miley and get a Boy-lermake-her.

Currently listening to a bunch of rappers (or rather, a white rapper) for the last two days… I think the anger does me well… Although I am starting to feel an urge to shoot something… That could just be the CFA stress talking tho…

trance around the world podcasts :slight_smile:

Rammstein, Rammleid. because when they made this song everyone thought they were done but they said a big FCUK YOU to everyone and made it. just like ill be doing saturday to a certain institute trying to hold me down.

I listen to the to the Terminator Opening Theme Music…on constant loop

ih8studying Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I listen to the to the Terminator Opening Theme > Music…on constant loop did you ever read the “terminator shower curtain” story on the forum. another classic.

Marilyn Manson


“Still Alive” from Portal