Study notes v Textbook

Hi, i was wondering for the june 08 level 1 exam would it be good enough to just study the Schweser study notes? I am concerned that because the textbooks are included for the registration fee that would change the syllabus of the exam and incorporate alot more information from the textbook provided. Does anyone know anything about the scope of the upcoming level 1 exam? thanks

The study notes are good to review with and to get the main ideas, but there is a lot of information in the textbooks that is not covered in the notes. You should use both throughout your studies.

I know plenty of people who have passed only using Schweser.

I have found that Stalla has left some explanation out of thier notes but include them in the lectures. When i reviewed the CFA books they were there. The point is, if I used the Stalla bks only I would have missed a bit. I is not a whole lot but it could determine wheter u totally understood a topic or not. If you have the time both should be used. Personally I use the stalla notes mostly if there is a topic i am not grasping adequately I use the CFA text. Example I found Understanding Income Statement to be better in the CFA text. However I used Stalla for all of quants.