Study Plan for Taking FRM Level 1in November

Hello everyone,

Hope your study goes well so far!

Was debating between GMAT and FRM test recently. And I just made a decision to take FRM first. This past June, I just passed CFA level 3 test by using Kaplan materials.

I see people have debated many times in this forum on which material to use. Many people recommended to use Kaplan so I will stick with it since I had success with them for CFA.

My plan is below:

  1. Read all the Kaplan notes 2. Finish Question Bank 3. Do two full mock exam from Kaplan and one from GARP.

Questions: where do you find previous mock and practice exams? Or any other practice questions you recommend?

Any information would be much appreciated!!!


I somewhat follow the same plan. I am hooked on to the Schweser notes but I have found a new platform for practice questions and mocks called Prepsmarter I found this recently only, they have one of the biggest question bank. Some questions are similar to schweser but there are many more unique ones which even schweser does not have. I just finished my trial and now I have bought their paid subscription. The platform is purely only with the availability of the mobile app as well so I can practice anywhere anytime. Addition to that I got 8 practice exam with my paid plan which are timed so this will help you feel like you are in an exam hall. Must give it shot. They have like more than 5k questions for FRM :open_mouth:

Hi abhimanyu, I am also giving the exam in Nov but I can’t say I’m well prepared. I’ve done only Kaplan and maybe will manage the garp questions.

I now have heard that Kaplan is basic and doesn’t help to answer tough exam questions . What u feel, since u have passed cfa

Prep smarter copies qs from BT and Schweser. For part 1 schweser is enough

I had 1,1,2,1 in part 1 did only schweser

Is there any constructed response question (aka essay) on FRM or just multiple choice on both levels? If so, are questions are stand alone like on CFA L1 or are more vignette style, like on CFA L2?

No essays, no vignettes. Just stand alone questions.

Thanks so much, I just did garp mock questions and honestly couldn’t answer much. Is the exam more difficult than that. Thanks for replying

Then FRM exam can only, by difficulty level, being compared to CFA L1. I know there are 4 multiple choice vs 3 on CFA L1 but, anyway, stand alone MC questions are easy per se.

“Then FRM exam can only, by difficulty level, being compared to CFA L1. I know there are 4 multiple choice vs 3 on CFA L1 but, anyway, stand alone MC questions are easy per se.”

I wouldn’t agree. MC can be tough as well. Even though the MC questions are not vignette questions they are by far not comparable to the short CFA L1 questions. You should keep in mind that the FRM part I exam is 4 hours for 100 questions compared to CFA L1 with 3 hours for 120 questions. Apart from this most of the people I know (including myself) finished the MC questions section for all of the CFA levels within 2h to 2.30h. That was not the case for FRM part I. I hadn’t that much time left and also not the people I talked to. This might give a better impression of the question difficulty/depth.

OK, I will see once I decide to join. First, I have to deal with my spouse and the colleagues at work to not complain about my studying again. Thanks for your feedback.

Let me/us know what your impression was/is about FRM as soon as you convinced your colleagues and family. I recommend to start as soon as possible as there’s a decent overlap in the curriculum between FRM I and CFA. It helps a lot when the CFA stuff is still fresh in your head… And apart from this right after the CFA you are still used to have no spare time. I can imagine it will be tougher when you wait to long.

With respect to my wife: I just told her that I am going to learn for the FRM. Obviously the outcome would have been different if I would have asked her… WIth respect to my colleagues they don’t have to bother as I only learn in the evening (due to wife and two kids) and I will have a day off next week just before the exam.

As I wrote in another thread the FRM was/is very tough for me as I decided to (hopefully) nail it within one year. I took part I in May and will be taking part II next week. This means that you have may be 1 1/2 to 2 months without learning. The rest of the year is dedicated to learning. Unfortunately I am not very convinced about my part II preparation, but I hope the best as I don’t want to spend another six months to prepare for the part II a second time.

Don’t be too frustrated. That’s something every CFA candidate knows very well. I experienced this for all three CFA levels. If you try to answer serious questions for the first time after studying the outcome is quite often frustrating. As I said this happened to me every time I did a CFA mock exam. As long as you learn from your mistakes and if you don’t lack the knowledge of the underlying concepts (meaning that you know the topic, but you have a problem to apply the concepts, because you are not used to it) it is not too much of a problem if you have problems with the mock exams in my opinion. It’s more of a problem if you can’t answer a considerable portfolio the questions, because you have no clue what they are talking about in these questions.

Negotiation is in its final phase. Like always, it will be what I decide on…Just opened affiliate account at GARP. I am looking toward May 2018. Not yet 100%. confident to go.

To save my money what is the best choice for studying material (I use only notes, not the videos)?

  • BT

  • Schweser

  • GARP


Found all information…forget it.


Could anybody please share past GARP Practice / Mock Papers? It would be of great help.

Thanks in advance.