Study Plan Going Forward

How is everyone else going to adjust their study plan? I’m assuming a December 5th test date, so will likely take a breather for a few days here and then get back on the horse, at a much less intense pace until about September.

Same plan, couple of days rest, and will likely just do a few hours a week, reading and exercises. Complete the Readings of the curriculum which I have not finished yet, and just get back on to it fully in July / Aug 10hrs p week, and increase from there… Oct/nov solely practicing exams. Luckily I was not ready yet for exam practice and I was taking it easy as I expected the postponement of the exam… anyone who really started in October? That must be awful… glad I started end of Jan :slight_smile:

im going a synthetic forward by buying a call to study and selling a study put. i’m currently waiting for the most profitable time to exercise the american call option to study.

on another note, it’s probably a good idea to prepare for the next exam as well.

Somewhat similar. TBH I was a bit upset when I first heard the news since I was on track with my study plan pretty much finishing up the curriculum at the end of March and going to start a condensed review cycle and hit mocks. I’ve come around to believe the delay is for the best and there are bigger problems in the world right now.

MM put up a youtube video about this and it’s pretty much ramp down and ramp back up.

It’s really like marathon running where you train and peak for the exam date maintaining that level will just lead to massive burnout and eventually knowledge decay.

Great video! Many thanks for sharing! I’ll tune in on Bloomberg in the mornings, see how that goes… :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone else felt like having the blues this weekend ?!

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