Study Plan - How I hope to get there...

Right lads, let me know if you think this will work. Reading: Everything except quants - I struggle with them, I’d have to spend tons of time getting a few marks I could more easily get somewhere else. Exam Book: complete, didn’t score myself, just learnt my from my mistakes. QBank: 936 Questions complete, 71% average score Plan… - Currently doing 120 QBanks’ a day and looking up my mistakes. Completed all of derivative questions, now on equity, next FSA, then easy markets in Alts. - Increase QBank to 180 questions a day for 10 days (Sat next week) - Mock Exams, Sample Exams etc final week - Re-write formula’s each night before I go to bed… I’ve totally ignored quants - my big gamble. Reckon the above will be enough? David

Try a Volume 1 or CFAI sample/mock now. I would say you are doing alright, but 71% on qbank (assuming all basic/int/adv) isn’t great. It’s good but not great.

i would try to learn the most basic quant- take the anova table, learn how to calc an F stat or r squared, etc. just the most basic of basic. you maybe could still hit a 3/6 on the item set if not higher with a lucky guess or 2. quant will be 6 questions no more so if you need to gamble somewhere, it’s a solid gamble. only prob- quant kind of plays into so many other areas like equity and PM. just keep pushing regardless- if you’re hitting a 70% on qbank, you have a fighting chance.

My equity scores are 75-80% and derivatives are 80% - they’re my “mastered areas”, moving on topic by topic. Thanks for your quants advice.

Agree with bannisja - if you’re skipping a section, I wouldn’t skip quant. For instance, like a poster from last year, I’ve accepted that I’m only going to get a 3 or 4 out of 6 on a swaps vignette; doesn’t make me happy, but such is life - would rather use my time in other subjects than spend 20 hours learning swaps to perfection and then they don’t even test them. My attitude sucks anymore, mainly because my exam scores are way higher than I thought they’d be and it’s made me quite complacent. Taking another tonight; almost hoping I bomb to get some motivation back.

vortiem Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > Exam Book: complete, didn’t score myself, just > learnt my from my mistakes. > Just curious, why didn’t you score the exams you took? I’m assuming you’re talking about Schweser.

I was more focused on learning and testing myself…

My friend , I wouldn’t mess with quants. They are likely to show up on vignettes mixing them to other sections. I know they’re intimidating, but you can learn how to solve the exercises without a huge effort. There is still 2,5weeks to the exam. I did the quant reading + problems in 2 days ( I’m in the crap for the exam). This gave me a good idea of how to solve the quant problems. Hope this encourages you to do these fucking quants.

IMO, quant really isn’t that bad MAYBE with the exception of the last half of the Time Series reading, but that still isn’t horrible. If I were you, I would just take a day and go thru the 3 (or 4, can’t remember) quant readings and do like 100 qbank q’s. Even if it isn’t one of your strong areas, at least you won’t be totally caught off guard when you see that inevitable quant item set on the exam. And like Bannisja said, it’s likely to show up in other areas of the exam as well.