Study Plan Time Warning

Hi - does everyone get the same warning on their Kaplan Study plan for their average hours per week? It always tells me that i might have trouble finishing the content by (ive set the course finish date to 1st November so i can spend a month on questions) but i think 7.5 hours per week is pretty do-able!


I dont think its enough you will only spend 150 hours studying (assuming you started now), you should spend at least 300 hours (this is like the minimum you should study, but you should aim for more ofc) because the average candidate fail.

Apologies I perhaps wasnt clear… I have already done 200/250 hours study ( i was due to take the June exam)… which is why i thought this was odd.

Yes, than I think it`s enough.

Just wondering I was gonna do in June too, now I dont have acess to the site questions/PDFs, until i Re-book the exam, but IDK if Im going for Dec or Feb Exam, Im like you Im a halfway done through the content, but right now I`m just reviewing some readings I alredy studied and probably gonna go back next month for new readings…