Study plan

Hi guys, Ive given my L1 in June but did’nt make it. So iam giving it again in Dec. Started studying on Sep1 with Quantitative methods (coz its my weakest subject) but ive been really slow. So ive re-planned on how iam going to study for Dec. My plan is based on my weakest subjects being finished first and the stronger ones later on. I work from 8 to 6, so do you guys think this is possible? Finish by Study Session 28-Sep 3,13 5-Oct 14,11 12-Oct 18,7,8 19-Oct 9,10 26-Oct 4,5 2-Nov 6,17 9-Nov 15,16,1,12 The remaining days are for revising the material, answering mock exams, re-revising, answering mock exams again Useful suggesstions would be of great help Thanks

Hi Kunal, I appeared for June,08 CFA Level 1 and cleared it.Hope my advice will be of use. What I realised is that it doesn’t matter how many study schedules u make for urself,eventually ur knowledge of subject matters.My suggestion is to go through the CFAI material cover to cover(that is what i did) because couple of my friends told me that there were questions in exam whose formulas were not there in study notes of say schweser/stella et al.But I could not find a single question in the exam of which I didn’t have a clue about. Secondly,don’t just go through the material and pep urself up that u have convered so and so.Try to understand the underlying context as that is what asked in the exam(since u appeared,u must b knowing). Thirdly,make urself very much accustomed with the calculations part.I have seen many guys cribbing in the break that they knew the formulas but it took them long to do the actual calculations.You just can’t waste precious time in doing recalculations. In case required,I can share my exam experience as well(which was horrific since in the second exam,I was feeling sleepy and my entire FSA was left…i slept at 2:30am in the morning and got up at 5:30am on the exam day…so u can understand my situation)… My wishes are with you… Regards, Akash

Hello Kunal, I agree with Akash just said. But just to add my two cents I think what most people tend to put to much on learning formulas and making calculations.I think it is far better to read the LOS and figure what you have to know. I think CFA just checks your concepts not make you do cumbersome calculations. At least that is what I felt giving my June level 1 exam. Hope this helps .

Hi guys, I failed with band 6. There were many topics i had to leave out due to lack of time. I would only read through schewser and answer the questions behind it. Another reason why i couldnt get through was that i noticed many questions asked were not covered in schweser(i studied only from scheweser) and that’s the reason iam doing it from CFA institute books this time but its taking a hell lot of time. Thanks for your suggestions guys. I’ll keep them in mind and i would definately like to know your exam experiences.

Well there in lies your problem. You didnt study all the topics. I think you can pass level one from schweser only but what ever source you use just try to do all the study sessions. And do try to get your hands on the secret sauce for revision. I think it is crucial you keep the concepts fresh in your mind.

CFA tests “Clarity & Capacity”. At level 1, you do not need to know complex calculations but its essential that you know All the concepts “Clearly”. One person told me that CFA is like building a house. In level 1 you are expected to know and identify what are the inputs you need to build the house and what function they do. Remember… “Clarity & Capacity”.