study plan

I know this has been talked about thousands of times, so I went over schwesser lv.3 for 09 a couple of times, and went over to 2010. not surprisingly they changed the contents for black litterman model. the schwesser notes on black litterman is beyond my level of understanding, so I went over to CFAI text book, WHICH HAPPENS TO BE WORSE! For lv.1 and lv.2, I managed to stay away from CFAI as schwesser seems more focus and straight to the point ( and i heard so many stories about guys failed exam because they stayed with the textbook) . now for Lv.3, it seems to me that schwesser does not cover everything in CFAI text book, and both CFAI and schwesser failed to provide with clear wording on quite a few subjects. i am wondering how many of us are actually reading CFAI textbook? and what is everyone’s opinion on teh study notes