Study Plan

Im a new user to the forum. I look forward to working with fellow users to pass the Level II CFA exam in June 2011! Anyways, Im curious as to what fellow Level II exam takers have in terms of goals, with respect to how much material they cover in the upcoming 7 months. Currently, I have read the Ethics/Quant/Econ, and Corporate Finance CFAI textbooks. Im half-way through the Equity CFAI book, also, half-way through Derivatives/Portfolio Management textbook. My plan is to have all 6 CFAI textbooks read by the end of November. Then, I want to go through the Schweser textbooks and work on the end of chapter problems that are provided. I figure this will take me from the start of December, till the end of January. Then I want to re-read all the CFAI textbooks, but this time, working on ALL end of chapter questions, which I have yet to look at. I figure this will take me till the end of April. Which leaves May to work on all practise exams, problems, question bank, as well as brush up on any rough sections. Recommendations on the study plan? What are re-takings doing in terms of a study plan? Is this do-able? What have others set forth as a study plan for the upcoming 7 months? Of course, this is temporary, and will prolly change as I fall behind on the readings. I look forward to your input. Thanks again,

FrankM, You are doing good so far but I personally think that you don’t have to go through Schweser Notes if you are studying from CFAI Curriculum and planning on going through it again. Reading and revising from the same material helps a lot in retention, and I will encourage you to stick to either Curriculum or Schweser notes. I passed Level 2 in June, 2010 and I used Schweser notes as primary reference material. Except for areas like FSA & Ethics, in my opinion Schweser notes do well in terms of explaining the concepts. Whatever reading material you use, don’t compromise on practice. Major chunk of the exam comprises of calculations, so I will strongly suggest you to do as many questions as possible including Curriculum EOC & examples, CFAI mock exam & sample paper, and if possible purchase questions from some good test provider. Don’t go for Schweser QBank. While Level 2 Schweser notes are good, QBank is terrible. Use some source that cover all concepts in curriculum. Good Luck!

What good test provider do you recommend as you do not like the QBank. I dont know what other test provider you could buy questions from. Any recommendations?

Any other recommendations from the re-takers at L2? Any insight would be much appreciated. thanks

I heard a bit about Finquiz… Is that a good test provider you would recommend?