Study Plan

Been a long time lurker. This is an excellent forums with very helpful people.

Wanted to say congrats to everyone who made it to this stage!

Going to register for level 2 in a few days and wondering if you guys have any suggested study plans to cover level two material for June 2014 exam. I work full time and can dedicate a few weekday and all weekend to this game.

I"ll be purchasing the Schweser Notes to read from.

Thanks people

In level 1, I read thru and took notes in the margins for all books - went back and typed up all notes in LyX with all formulas handy - periodically browsed thru my notes before going to bed (approx 120 pg) - 1.5 weeks before exam worked thru all EOC’s consulting notes when necessary - did 4 mocks the 2 days before exam day and scored low-high 70’s getting better with time

I intend to employ exact same tactic with the minor change of typing my notes up after each book and starting practice about a week or two earlier