Hey guys, I am from India. I am taking my CA Articleship working from 9:30 a.m to 7 p.m 6 days a week . 1st and 3rd saturdays are holidays other two are working. I have my CFA Level 2 exams in June’2014. I am Stressed and all i know is that i have to clear my exam NO MATTER WHAT.( I cleared my Level 1 in my first attempt by self studying) Could somebody help me plan my study schedule.?( i plan on taking classes from EDUPRISTINE on Sundays for about 5 months , i.e 20 Sundays. ) Also I am not a very sharp guy, so i definitely need to put in more efforts. Like really plan my daily schedule. Help would really be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Seems like a pretty tall order; are you willing to pay someone for their time? Should meals be included?

haha tell me the no. of hours i need to put in Daily(an avg student).

How long is your daily commute? Will you get leave in May?

I have no idea about Edupristine. i have my own doubts about what they can deliver in terms of content. Most of them have little or no experience teaching Level II material. If You can spare 2 hours on working days and 4 to 6 hours on sunday, you should be able to study on your own. If you think you may not be able to study with discipline, then by all means consider Edupristine. But remember you have to do self study after your classes to consolidate what was taught, Some sections are easy, others difficult,It depends on the person. I used Elan Guides,Study notes, Videos(only a few )with CFAI summaries and EOC, followed by past mocks and passed. of course i passed in my 3rd attempt ( my 2nd serious attempt).

in totally takes me one hour to commute daily.i myt gt a 10 day leave in May.

yaar u know ijust feel likingiving my articleship up and study for l2 all day n make sure i pass!! I just have to pass.have to have to!:frowning: This guy has just posted a useful spreadsheet. You could always produce a study plan around this format.