Study Planning


I’m pursuing graduation in Financial Markets (Final Year). I’ll be giving my CFA Level 1 attempt in June 2016. I’ll be refering to Schweser Notes for my preparation, alongwith CFA ebooks.

What would be the correct approach towards preparing for Level 1 in 5 months? and how should I plan my preparation?

It’d be great if y’all help me with this :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards

Hey, Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

thanks you so much?

Like any other major endavour in your life, the CFA charter is a journey and every journey starts with a first step. In your case this first step is the search function of this forum.

Looks like you already have some background in finance. In that case, it should not take you more than a month to study for the test. In case if you are working, start reading in March, then do as many questions as possible ( Kaplan qbank, mock exam, I don’t care) in the last two weeks