study prep - wiley or schweser

I know there are countless posts about but still would like to get recent lvl 2 takers to provide input on what prep provider has more value.

I used wiley for lvl 1 and felt like their mocks/practice problems were very concept orientated instead of formula driven problems and their explanation for answers very limited. Also took a couple schweser mocks for lvl 1 and felt it resembled the actual exam more with better explanations.

I like wiley videos and hear schweser videos aren’t very useful. Are videos a waste of time for lvl 2 ?

Thanks for any advice

I used Wiley videos almost exclusively for my L2 prep, but did do all CFAI’s BBPs, EOCs, and topic tests religiously (referred back to the curriculum readings if I struggled in any of the EOCs in particular). It prepared me really well for the exam, I had high mock scores, and walked out of the exam confident I passed. If you did well with their videos in L1, I’m sure it’ll work for you again in L2. Just note that like in L1, Wiley’s mocks are subpar, so I’d encourage you to consider Kaplan’s two volume set and the CFAI topic tests/official mocks instead. All the best!

Recently failed band 10, so I’ll be a level 2 retaker. I’m planning on using Bloomberg Prep as I’ve found the trial period to be better than anything I’ve previously used - such a reading Schweser notes. In addition, I’ll be doing CFAI EOC and topic tests, and maybe some IFT videos and Schweser QBank.

For mocks, last year I took Schweser, Wiley, and IFT mocks - I thought IFT was by far the best and most in line with the actual test; however, Schweser and Wiley are obviously good for extra practice and review. I also really like Wiley 11th hour.

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Hi folks,

I have made concerted efforts to prepare my hand-written notes while preparing for Level II. Inevitably, I believe this would be of much help to you all. It is strictly according to the curriculum. The notes contain very important points as in:

1. Mock appeared topics/lines

2. Lifeline (any sentence/formulae) which forms the foundation of any topic; the triggering part.

For brevity, it is the crux of curriculum, so don’t consider it to be a substitute of curriculum. For deep digging and best understanding, would recommend you to read curriculum or schweser whichever you want.

You can share your mail id over here. Will mail you the files thereon.

All the best.

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