Study progress for L1 December candidates by end of August

Hello friends,

I am preparing for Level 1 - December 2012 exams.

I have been preparing for exams for over 4 months but not consistently but since past week my approach has changed and I devote 3 to 4 hours of study per day.

So far my progress is

Reading completed from Elan guides: Quant, Economics, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Alt Inv

Practice completed on Q Bank: Quant, Economics, Fixed Income, Derivative, Alt Inv

Practice complted on Elan Practice: Quant, Economics, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Alt Inv

Practice completed on EOC: Quant

I am planning to devote September & October for doing EOC’s & Qbank for reamining chapters and reading FRA, PM, Equity from Elan. And november will be for revision and mocks.

For ethics, I am planning to read it from CFAI material. Good idea? I read a couple of Level 1 Pass candidates suggesting that. What do you suggest?

Simultaneously I am also doing schweser videos …

Finish the Schweser videos and CFA EOCs first. Don’t get too caught up in the Qbank - some people swear by it, I didn’t find it that helpful. Go over the CFA material for Ethics and Accounting that’s 35% of the exam.

Keep in mind the topic weights, don’t go reading Alternative Investments if you know nothing about Ethics or Accounting.

I would use the prep course to help with the explanations where the CFA text fails but always try and complete the EOCs for each study session. There is a reason why most prep courses don’t tell you the pass rate for the people who used their material, it’s a supplement not a replacement to the CFA text.

Also make sure you can answer each question in 1.5 minutes (360 minutes / 240 questions = 1.5 minute per question.