Study Progress Update

For Level 2 2018 , kindly share what have you completed till now and plan for next 2 months.

Mine is pretty bad ,looks like running 1 month back. Not completed reading all chapters and plan to start with mocks on May 23 onwards.

I believe diligence will be rewarded.

I read all the readings Between Dec and Jan.

Since then:

  • Did all the Schewer qBanks twice, going on a third time now
  • Did all of wiley’s qbank once, and going on 2nd time now
  • Did all CFAI online practice questions twice.
  • Did all CFAI text blue box and eoc questions – randomly going back through the eoc questions right now
  • Did 3 Schweser mocks and all the CFAI online mocks

Now until Test date:

  • Will continue to do these qbanks… maybe two more times each
  • Will finish all the Scheweer mocks, and the wiley mocks…
  • May purchase IFT mocks as well
  • Last month, will redo as many mocks as I can… Probably will do 2-3 per week leading up to test day
  • Will take it easy on Friday June 22nd.

How many hours you needed to do all that ?

I read schweser books, did CFA eoc question and CFA practice questions. Done like 1000 schweser Qbank questions.

Also did 5 schweser mocks, 2 IFT mocks (will do 3rd tomorrow) and 1 CFA mock.

Wow that is impressive. Do you work full time ? I don’t know how I could possibly get all of that practice in while working full time but I respect the hustle.

If you don’t mind me asking… what did you score on the Schweser mocks (assuming you went in order and did Volume 1 #1 and #2)?

I’ve done almost all of the Schweser qbank and have taken the first 2 schweser mocks but I am about to buy the Wiley mocks and qbank. I feel like it’s probably good to diversify a bit in the providers and see how they ask questions differently. Although I must say, after taking the actual exam last year, the Schweser mocks were almost 100% identical to the actual test.

I actually have a full time job for a financial firm, and I also do 30 hours part time work as a software/database consultant :slight_smile:

For the Schweser mocks, I did the following in the order listed:

  • Volume 1 Exam 2 Morning: Scored 80%, average listed as 55%
  • Volume 1 Exam 2 Afternoon: Scored 80%, average listed as 54%
  • Volume 1 Exam 1 Morning: Scored 71%, average listed as 44%

I actually call each test a mock, even though some may call the morning and afternoon as a single mock. I want to be consistent in the 80s by June… How do those scores look for the exam, since you took it last year?

Done studying all topics and doing blue box and EOC questions once. Done CFAI practice questions for 6/10 topics. The ones remaining are Econ, Quant, PM, and AI. Hoping to finish revising these and the practice questions this week. Next weekend I’m planning to go full ham on mocks (both CFAI mocks), followed by the Schweser mocks during the weekdays in the evening. All of May and June I’m planning to revise my notes and go through blue box and EOC questions over and over till the cows come home.

You guys are beast! Well done!