Study progress

Hello everybody, :))) One would like to compare its progress with others. i am currently starting derivatives and still have alternative investement to cover. I am planning a four weeks approximatively of final review. I want to know more about you It can be useful for everybody to know your progress as of today Subsidiary question : Do you feel when studying a topic that you have forgotten all the rest? especillay topics you use to master but like 2 or 3 months ago? Best regards, :))))

I am in the end of Bonds valuation and will quickly go through the last CFAI book (I do not use schweser books…I find them to go “straight to the point”) But I do not know (yet) how I will review… What is your review planning? Los by los with questions or entire book and then questions? I feel a little lost to plan my review :-s

I finished studying last week. I then went through FSA again, writing down any important notes, and writing down almost every ratio and equation in a little book that I can easily carry with me in-hand. I’m going to go Quant next and do the same thing. Then, I’ll take a CFAI sample exam…look at my weak points, and go back and touch up on those weaklings again. I’m going to save looking at Ethics again until the week of the exam most likely. The more to read/see something, the more likely that you’ll easily recall the information later in time.

i am currently in the equity section of schweser no.4. then i am going to schweser no.5 and then no.3 and then ethics. then i will read the secret sauce once, and try schweser no.6 (sample exams). then i will take the free CFAI exam. if i have time after this i will try some of the end of chapter exercise questions from CFAI books. truth of the matter is, i would be happy if i can go thru the schweser material once. nevertheless i think i can pull it off if i work hard but i’m job searching and taking one course at the moment and i might have to fly in for some interviews in a couple of weeks which is really worrying me because they are so time consuming… anyway off to library i go, hopefully i can put in about six hours today.

I’m on the last section of Derivatives. I have Alternative Invests & Ethics left. And yes, I feel like I’ve forgotten all the material I previously studied!

Finished everything. Reviewing LOS/Qbank and then practice tests