Study Progress

So I had a mini panic attack last night… not sure if anyone else has these or not. Part of the reason I enjoy skimming these forums is so that I can gauge my progress against other candidates.

Anyway, I am finished with Ethics, Quant, and Econ (testing ~70% in each of these sections).

I have read through the FRA and Equity sections but not done any problems.

With a little less than 2 months to go I plan on studying 3 hours a day M-F and ~8 hours on Sat and Sun.

Where are you guys in the process and am I panicking for no reason or am I behind?

Much thanks.

Hang in there and keep pluging away. I just finished reading all Schweser books but I started reading at the start of the new year. Just keep finding ways to motivate yourself and give yourself the best shot at passing.

You are not alone have only started CFA book 5 - Alt Invs and Fixed Income.

Writing level 2 soon after Dec level 1 is like going for some rigged elections…the outcome is already known

Ha… the outcome is already known?

Difficult, yes…

^^^It was just a figure of speech.

I am just saying it is near impossible to pass as time is really against you.

I finished the first run of the curriculum on Sunday (notes, schweser questions, cfai questions) and now im doing my second review. aiming to take a practise exam at the end of the month.

Sailing in d same boat… Done with FRA, Equity, Alt Inv., CorpFin, and Eco…from Schwesers + CFA EOC

Doing Fixed Income… Still lot to do - Portfolio, Quant, Ethics, and Derivatives…

Wonder how would I retain all d stuff with little time left… ~4 hrs/ a day … does it sound realistic to review nd practice in after completeing all d readings with just two months left??