Study Quant Methods before Fixed Income?

Hi, For Level 1, I was advised to study Quant Methods before Fixed Income, Portfolio Management etc in order to be able to understand the topics better. I am wondering if I need to follow the same approach for Level 2? Is it necessary to study the Quant Methods syllabus before reaching the Fixed Income, or can I jump straight into Fixed Income?

FYI - I am not the most mathematically gifted person (I’d say I’m average)

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!

There is nothing in Level II Quants that is needed for (or, frankly, remotely similar to) Fixed Income.

Thanks!! was just checking as for Level 1, there was a good amount of Quant stuff one needed to know before attacking Fixed Income…

My pleasure.

For fixed income I don’t think so. But the NYSSA class here in NYC has us do Quant and then Port management, just because there is a few explanations that touch on multiple regression and AR models covered in quant.

Thanks Lad! Will definitely do that bit of Quant before getting to PM.

I read derivatives before fixed income, just by chance, but I found it helpful, because in fixed income they touch in some derivative concepts. You will be OK though if you haven’t gone through the derivatives material, but i found it helpful.