Study Question

To all that passed level 2 last year – congratulations - you are almost finished! For level 2, I plan to read through Schweser material and take an extensive review course. By exam day, I will have thoroughly read the study material twice and reviewed note cards. In addition, I plan to work through the Schweser CD question bank and questions at the end of the study notes. The CD bank will be the big focus considering I will have completed end of book questions before starting the review course. Am I on the right track for passing level 2? I will probably take a couple CFA practice exams as well. Thanks!

I would really love to agree with you on the ‘almost finished’ bit but unfortunately, many on AF have warned against complacency and L3 is not a formality finishing level. I certainly agree that it is not easy. Yr plan looks formidable. The cfa practice exams are really helpful so use them nearer the exam. Read consistently and understand everything in schweser books since you’re using them. They’re already condensed from the texts so you need to know them very well.

You plan sounds good …seems like you have all ur bases covered …Good Luck !

make sure that you do all the assigned probs in the back of the books until you understand them and you will be fine Online exams are key as well