Study Retention rate vs. L1, L2

I don’t know about you guys but i feel less prepared for L3 in terms of memorization vs. the other levels. Must be all the qualitative stuff. Anyone else feel like this?

yes I am

I actually feel better at this point than I did level 2… at least for the PM session I do… the AM is a different story… it is funny looking back at level 1 now and how easy that seems…

I’m in this camp…def the qualitative nature of the exam makes it more difficult for me. I’m a numbers/formulas guy.

I hear that brother (or sister), feeling much less prepared even though I’ve spent as much time studying.

As much time as L2 but feel less prepared. Just hope my a.m. answers match what they are looking for.

far less time than L1 or L2, so i’m biased. i will say that a few small formulas are starting to stick (stupid sh&zzz like effective spread and me remembering the diffs b/t CPPI and constant mix, etc) while reviewing ss16 toda. the big formulas i still forget a lot- need to jam in my brain all of the attribution stuff, taxes in PM, a lot of FI stuff, GIPS…the list goes on. i do better on essay-ish tests and seem to put stuff together well, so this should be my sort of test. only problem, i’ve studied a lot less than anyone serious about passing should study. bad me. i’d need a few things to fall my way on exam day at this point in the game i think. starting with a derivs section all on options payoffs. that’d be my dream test.

I feel as though I’m retaining way more of the information… however, I think it may be false confidence. I was able to work through problems and formulas as I read the L1 & L2 texts… now its just “read… does that makes sense?.. yes?.. ok, move on” which isn’t great for proving your retention. So I feel more confident in my retention, but I’m MUCH more uneasy about this test.

I felt much better for L2. Somebody asked me last night how I felt. I said I still have a lot of work to do. I plan on putting in close to 75 hours over the next 17 days, so I am hoping it all comes together. Maybe the reason I don’t feel as good is because our feeling about L1 and L2 was after the last few weeks of cramming, and we haven’t done that yet. That is my hope anyway.

amen eleven. i’m going to make the push too and i’m hoping that magically one day it’s all going to just glue itself together… preferably 1st week of june. i hope you rock this test one and done bud.

Definitely don’t know until at least another 10-14 days. That’s when things seem to start meshing together. That being said, I feel a helluva lot better right now than I did a couple of days ago. Gonna take the 08 morning session tomorrow - that should tell me a lot (would love 80+, but will be content with anything 70+).

Nothing has been sticking like it did for level 1 & 2. I’ve been doing 4-5hrs a day reviewing and questions (lots of energy drinks) plus working 10-11hrs. For level 1 &2 all u need to know is the formula/process/main idea. For level 3 you have to remember the bullet points of the main idea which requires a lot more memorization. Hope for the best.

If this were strictly a MC exam like L1&2, I would actually be feeling pretty good right now. However, the essay component makes it completely different. I’m good at recalling formulas/calculations, but not so good at recalling key terms, lists, etc. That said, I remember feeling pretty hopeless about my chances a couple weeks before L2, but then the day before the exam, I had this calm confident feeling that I would absolutely pass (which was completely wiped out the day of the exam). We’ll get there…

  • 1 to pretty much all the comments above. I think it’s a combination of the unfamilarity of the essay part, and the qualitative nature of the material. But I am pretty confident that I will walk out of the exam having no clue if I passed, or failed miserably. As for retention, i feel like I know the stuff, but it’s pretty delicate and if they ask me it the wrong way I’m gonna get smoked.

+1 to Jut’s comments.