study routine

I am studying with Schweser Notes and general CFA materials. Do you guys read notes first and then CFA materials or vice versa? How much time do you guys spend completing a reading and practice questions, etc.? Thanks.

I have a similar question only that i am using Elan guides. Should focusing on that only be enough for passing or do i need to read both and put equal weight on them?

Yeah, for example, in Schweser, Statistical Concepts and Market Returns is a little over 20 pages, whereas in the CFA materials it’s approximately 60 pages, which is way too long given the time constraints. I think the CFA materials do a better job on certain topics than Schweser but Schweser is narrowly focused in LOSs.

bapswarrior - I am doing Elan study notes only. My routine is read through the study notes, highlighting and taking some notes as I read. I then read the CFA reading summary and then do all of the EOC questions from CFA and the Elan practice questions. So far, Elan seems sufficient and I am able to get 75-90% CFA questions right for the majority of readings.

I took the exam in June, and I think you are better off sticking to one source for studying. It would be better to go through Schweser or Elan twice than read once from study prep providers and once from the CFAI books. Study Notes + EOC+other practice questions, like BryGuy is doing, is a good study routine in my opinion. It depends on your background though. When I started studying, it was a reading/day at first, then I didn’t quite stick to that and it became 2 readings/day, slacked off again and in the end I had to cram a lot in the last few weeks. Avoid this as much as possible, you should ideally have 4-5 weeks for review/mocks/re-reading topics where you score low in mocks.

Schweser notes - read em and do the Q’s… then bust through the Q bank, then read the notes again. good luck, Infinitesun, CFA.

I read the SchweserNotes first, do questions/Q-Bank, then video CD. Any material I didn’t quite understand, I refer to CFAI. I then finish off with CFA EOC questions. This has been working for me so far.

i read the CFA book first, video CD of stalla and then do EOC questions. For economics have taken the mixed approach…initial bit from CFA and now second half from stalla as their is lot to cover in economics and lot less to play for