Study Schedule - Dec 2014 Level 1 while working


I am preparing the exam for next december for Level 1 and I have also to do my day-to-day job from 8am to 7pm.

In one week, I covered the TVM, DCF Applications and Statistical Concepts adn Market Returns and I feel I go too slow.

As anyone a Excel good template to schedule my study and make sure I am on track?


I have never heard of a study schedule template. This journey is all on your own my friend! Keep doing practice problems!

level 1 is all about skimming through the topics in Scheweser then dive into the question bank and mocks, that is it. Dont stress yourself over level 1 or you are going to be REALLY stressed out for level 2.

I believe there are 18 study sections. You should target one per week. So that’s 18 weeks to get through the material. Then add another two to four weeks for review & mock exams.