Study Schedule Question

I’ll be finishing Book 1, Ethics and Quant, of the Scheweser notes on Friday, reviewing/reworking all the problems on Saturday, and starting Book 2, Economics, on Sunday. Book 1 took 1 week to finish. My question: Is this a sustainable pace? I’ll be graduating in August with a major in Finance. Most of what I have read so far has been relatively easy, and I feel like most of it is review. Can anyone with a Finance background give any insight? Should I slow down or keep the same pace? At this rate I should be done around the first/second week of September…that would give me roughly 2 1/2 months to review, practice problems, and take mock exams. Does this sound good? Or should I slow down and try to absorb more of the material? As I said before, I feel like I know most of what I read in Book 1, but that may just be my overconfidence bias talking…Any suggestions? I appreciate any feedback, thanks.

For L1, my strategy to ensure I was absorbing the maximum amount was to read a study session (typically between 1 and 2 days to finish). Then once done with a study session, go back and take notes/make flashcards for key concepts. Then once finishing a whole book, review the EOC questions and my notes for each chapter. I went through a book about every 1.5 weeks this way. (FYI I used CFAI curriculum exclusively). This helped me be confident I wasn’t just blazing through the material without retaining much. Once I had finished this had about a month to review each study session and EOC questions again, take mock exams, drill flashcards, and work on problem areas. I passed >70 in each section this way. Obviously no one strategy works for everyone, just my $.02.

My schedule right now has me reading 2 hours M-F and 4-5 hours Sat & Sun. I’m working full-time, but I feel this is a maintainable schedule given my current obligations. I like the go back and take notes/note card idea. Right now I am just going through the books, but I may try to schedule time to take notes/re-read. Thanks for the input! And congrats on passing level 1!

It only took you 1 week to finish the first book??? Have you been taking same tests and reviewing the material? It took me a better portion of a month to finish the book and I averaged 2-3 hours a day M-F and more on the weekends. I’m way done the econ book and its been a week but I prefer to spend 1-2 days a week to take 60-70 question tests on the sections (Ethics or Quant or Econ). At the pace you’re going if you retain all the info you should be golden for the test given all the review time you will have. I’m shooting for 2 weeks of review at the end of November.