Study schedule

Received CFA material yesterday. got schweser notes.I can put in 2 hrs daily around 15 hrs/week.Do i start with CFA notes or schweser?For ethics i will use CFA material.I plan to start with quant-my weak area,followed by FSA. The CFA material is voluminous.can it be studied thoroughly if i start in mid June? or stick to schweser and CFA mat only for reference and in case i get stuck?

appearing for L1 in Dec. my first attempt.Quite a few recent posts have criticized Q being no good.Which is a better source for study and practice.currently using schweser for Quant,CFAI for ethics.what about other topics? CFAI or schweser? Quant is faster with schweser whereas CFAI books are verbose. also colleagues of mine who passed L1 in December 09 swear by schweser I guess i have time but is it enough to go through entire CFAI material such that i have time to give practice exams CFA mock etc.