Study Semina in Dallas May 12-16

can any body give some input if the semina is worthy to sttend?

heard it is. i’m looking for a roommate for the hotel if interested.

I have got a lot out of it last year. I had read EVERYTHING before attending the seminar, but after months of studying you can easily forget what you had studied at first. What the seminar did for me is refresh everything and help integrate all of the different subjects. I found it also to be a very humbling experience, because you become acutely aware of where your weak point are. I guess this could be either a devistating experience or a huge plus depending on how prepared you are going into the seminar.

I attended the level II seminar last May and felt that it was an excellent boost during the end of the marathon. If nothing more, for one week you will be surrounded by highly motivated (mostly), highly intelligent (again, mostly) people and you will basically only have the CFA material to think about.

Who’s giving this seminar and does anyone know if it’s given in any other cities?

IamArkad: you went to the level III seminar do they add input beyond just reading the slides? talk about essay writing. wonder if its more worth it to practice answering past exam questions + end of chapter questions then the seminar

yankees98a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > heard it is. i’m looking for a roommate for the > hotel if interested. Maybe I’m just putting this out there b/c I’m a Sox fan and your handle makes it seem you’re a Yankees fan, but why don’t you just get a room with one bed for yourself? I’m sure you’re probably a nice guy or girl, but I just find it odd to solicit a random roommate like this. Also, the fact that you’ve come up empty on your search (I recall posts back in January where you were looking for a roomy) leads me to believe that the other people going to the seminar will probably want to get their own rooms. I’m sure you’ll still be able to get a room with a nice bed for yourself. No ill intent about the above at all. Just wanted to know why it’s so important that you find a roommate for this thing???

trying to save the crazy amount of $ I already spent on cfa stuff