Study Sequence

any level 3 passer can shed some light on what’s your sequence to study the 18 LOS? Thanks for your suggestion!

I’m breezing through everything except Fixed and Deriv. Should that be left for last?

you will get a lot of different ways that people used. Having just passed III, I used the old-fashioned boring way and went through the CFAI books from study session 1 to ss18 in sequence doing the problems/questions in between and highlighting important sentences that covered the LOS. I did glance at Schweser after each study session to do their end of chapter questions. I found that I had to go back and re-read a few sessions in April - fixed income and derivatives in particular as they are very complex in my opinion and they have tons of LOS and calculations. My final review included a re-read of the Institutional and Individual Portf Mgmt readings - IPS stuff which is the crux of the AM part of exam. Then it was CFAI online exams and Schweser Book 6 exams. Schweser has a Faculty Office Hours on their website that is extremely informative if you have online access.