Study Session 10 - any point?

Skimming through study session 10 looks like it’s covered everywhere else. Is there any point reading this bit?

Is SS10 the overview topic of Equity? If so, you maybe surprised in how many questions the CFAI text can generate on this topic.

take schweser’s practice test 1 the PM session. 1 whole item set on ss10. that definitely could happen test day. it’s testable, i wouldn’t ignore it. last year there were 0 questions on FCFF/FCFE. the big stuff isn’t always what’s tested.

I am half way reading the chapter on return concepts… It’s a pain. CAPM and FFM and etc… ouch! i hate this stuff. is this stuff covered elsewhere, took me 3 hrs to just read this chapter and i dont remember any of the formulas introduced. ughhhh!

considering equity is 20-30% aka 24-36 questions (i have that shit stapled to my calendar) i wouldn’t skip any of it