Study session 13

I’m about 1/2 way through, and this is brutal (3rd quant reading, after multiple regression). I can think of some infectious diseases I’d rather have than read this crap again. Does it get better/more interesting? I’ve started with ethics, followed by quant, and its killing me.

No - after quant, you will move to currency arbitrage in economics followed by pension accounting in FSA…I guess equity will be a bit easier (not there yet). Then, there is derivatives…

well, i actually enjoy derivatives and I’m an accountant, so the FSA doesnt scare me. But man quant is just brutal this time around. At least in L1 there were more concepts, so generally the readings switched gears more often. THis detailed regression stuff? Barf - I feel like 1/2 this stuf can be condensed by just making you study/memorize how the ANOVA table works

Definitely study/memorize the ANOVA table -Knowing that will help you out on so many other questions and concepts. I would also sugest knowing the definitions of/Effects of/Tests for/and fixes for: Heteroskedasticity/serial correlation/muticolinearity/and Unit Roots as well as Mean Reversion info and formula. This should get you about 90% of Quant.

Me and some other cfa level 2 candidates are going to review quants so if any body interested coud joing using skyp, we will mostly discuss topics on saturdays. Your could add me to your skype for further detials skype id irfanakbarkazi country france. ciao

I’ve read through the three parts of quant and feel the same…but I’m pushing on. Lots of work ahead I see… FinNinja - thanks for the tips.