Study Session 15 Hate Thread

OK so the first reading is not terrible, but the next two are killing me. At least there aren’t 34 questions like at the end of the GIPS reading in the CFAI material

What is SS 15 again? Edit: I am pretty sure that I hate it too, but I need to know what to insult.

Risk management applications of derivatives. Two of my favorite things :wink:

I thought SS 15 was too long and should have been broken into 2 study session, but I liked the SS 15 content. If there is an item set or essay on option strategies/payouts I will silently be cheering on exam day. *Braces for having tomatoes hurled in my direction*

Confirmed. I hate it.

don’t forget risk mgmt of futures/forwards (not too bad) and of swaps (painful) in addition to knowing four formulas for 6 derivatives strategies, the diagram, the EAR of loans with int rate call options and put options, and the effective interest paid with interest rate collars Who hates with me? Don’t be shy! Only good news is IPS for individual and institutions is my last topic…shooting for April 1 for the big review and May for the continued review and exam questions to those already doing exam questions, work harder, sleep more, and/or get a life :slight_smile:

waiting until ss16

If you’re stuggling with the options section this thread helped me:,914048