Study Session 3, Reading #12 not covered by Schweser notes 2008?

Hi, i am currently using Schweser 2008 notes to go over the materials that are included in 2009 Level III. I found that it seems that Study Session 3, Reading #12 not covered by Schweser notes 2008. Does that mean that reading is not important for the exam or should we just rely on the curriculum in this case?

what is the topic/ title of the reading ?

SS 3: Reading 12: The Folly of Forecasting: Ignore all economists, strategists, and analysts

Sounds pretty irrelevant… So, you can count on this being an entire section on the exam next year… Just kidding. Take notes, cause I wouldn’t be surprised if it came up. CFAI seems to love to test subjects that are either lightly touched or not covered at all. Just my opinion though.

Or try using 2009 Schweser when it comes out

Do you really think they never change the curriculum?

Think you shd read the text for that or check it in the '09 Schweser…

You can protest a bad question. Tell them it wasn’t in 08 schweser so you didn’t study it

It is somewhere in the Schweser notes. I used only Schweser in 2008 and remember the topic.