study session 3 to 5

The CFA book covering these study sessions is a big waste of time in my mind…I was just reading the schweser notes and they were so much more focused…to the point. Just wanted to gauge your opinion and see if you feel that it worth reading the long book, I’m sure the CFA books will come in handy for later sessions but this book 2 is killing me in terms of taking the bulk of my time away from schweser notes/problems. If you have other strategies or found other study sections of the CFA books worth ‘skipping’ (relying on schweser notes instead), feel free to share. Regards

Study sessions 4 and 5 are key in my opinion in terms of the essay portion of the exam, we can be fairly confidetnt that we’ll see an IPS style question on the exam, and will be expected to answer it CFAI way. Its taking me a long time to get through them as well (finishing SS5) but I think that suffering will be well worth it come exam day. my 2 cents

4&5 is a must. Section on corp gov is a waste of time IMHO. CFAI dropped a ball by doing such a detailed analysis of a one small LOS

I agree with the section on Corp. Governance. It’s not even written in English!!

I just went through and finished 4 &5 this weekend and yesterday with the Schweser notes after having read them in CFAI in like November. I must say that they did a better job on it, and I know that these two readings are probably the key readings for the whole exam really. We know both Invidividual and Instiutional IPS’ will be tested in a big way. I feel pretty good on this, but it is very very subjective. I liked the CFA books on SS 3 though…

CFA_Halifax…I do FEEL good about the material too. However, I don’t know how CFAI will FEEL about my written answer. I am FEELING that the material is very subjective, however, I can’t control the FEELING of the grader.

I hear ya ws. It’s not nice to have such subjectiveness.

I’m on SS8 now; SS3, 4 and 5 took much time, and mostly, the concepts passed above my head (too much to digest). I hope to have a better understanding when I revisit them in during revision. Do you guys think it will improve the understanding once we have whole picture in the mind, or are these sessions independent of the material discussed in later study sessions?

unikorn…not really. Most material are inter-related. The entire L3 is about port. mgt. Each SS talks about a particular aspect of port. mgt.

I tried to force myself to read CFAI material for SS 3-5, but could not…I was falling asleep after couple of pages into the readings…trust me, I tried more than one - same effect!!! Schweeser structures and summarized info in a much better fasion so that you can actually follow and not fall asleep…

i have just been going through the examples in the CFAI books and will do the previous exams questions that are given @ the end of the sessions …( actual reading from Schweser ) I think working through the previous exams Q’s are key to being able to kill this materail …subjective or not …