Study Session 9

I find this to be the most difficult SS in terms of the amount of material along with the importance that it carries on The exam. I almost assure you that most of the LOS in SS 9 will show up on the Exam. With this being said i am having a hard time with a couple of the important calculations : ( calculating EPS, Dilutive EPS especially, and certain other main topics.) They seem very long and complex, meaning multiple steps to arrive at a variable needed for computation.

I have been doing practice tests and whenever i reach the questions that come from SS9 most of the time i have no idea where to go and end up guessing. I would like suggestions on how to embed these concepts and actually have a chance of getting them right on the test. Should i Re-read SS9? or should i just keep practicing problems and hope that i will learn that way? Any suggestions are welcome!!!

Go through the topics in SS 9 which trouble you. Like you mentioned about EPS try re-reading them again but not in panic. Learning through practice in these days is like an ad-on. When I had encountered this issue in some areas I revised them particularly from Schweser, as I was using that. Even in the last week I had to go through the problems of Cash Flow statements from curriculum but it hardly took me 2,3 hours to concentrate and rectify my concepts. I would suggest re-read the problematic areas in particular and practice well to retain and revise.