Study Session on, and Reading No.

Hey Guys, I’m new to this forum, and recently received my CFA Institute textbooks last week thursday. Since then I’ve reviewed Ethics, and the Study Sessions 2 of Quantitative Analysis, and am starting SS 3 Tomorrow. I just want to get a quick survey of what study session some of you other guys studying for the exam are at, to gauge where I should be at compared to my peers. I’d appreciate the feedback, and wish you all good luck with your studying!


just received my L1 books yet. am planning to start to read ethics tonight. hope this gives you some comfort

Starting SS11 t’row… but have studying since the mid of Oct '07… so I am quite slow, I guess…

You are not slow, I have been working dually on Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 since October, finally finishing this week. I hope the other books are easier since I have more knowledge in the upcoming topics. I feel TERRIBLY behind.

finish book1 and bookk 2 now doing overal review of book 2 by wathcing the schweser video should be starting book 3 on the weekend i dunno which study session is it but I usually give 7 days for each study session as per recommendation in cfa website

Study Session 9 right now on the study notes and I’m using the Qbank to help refresh Ethics.

Study session 15. But I am using Schweser. I am averaging 5 days a study session. Is this normal. Havent received by CFA Curriculum. So making do with the Schweser. To what degree should i rely on Schweser. By the way I am working full time.

Only got them last thursday ? and your on SS3 already !! I’m on last section of SS2 but can only do 1 - 2 hours a day as have a full time city job! Had my notes since early Jan 08.

Reading 44

I just signed up now. Bloody thing was expensive. So I should be getting the books soon.

I got the books 2 days ago. Started with FSA (reason I failed in Dec) and did Reading 29 and 30.

Seems like I am not too far behind… hopeful 321: I’ve used schweser for the first couple study sessions, and although they are very concise and to the point… I think the CFAi go alot more indepth into topics, and give you a chance to really grasp the important topics, and their examples are meaningful You should be fine using the schweser notes, you should review the ethics section from CFAi as alot of people have said that it lacks in that department. and considering you are working, 5 days a study session is very reasonable, just make sure you give yourself at least 2-4 weeks to review your weaker areas… Cheers

hash9360 Thanks a lot.