Study strategy for last 3 weeks - Level II

What do you think is the best study strategy for the last 3 weeks for level II?


bump - interested in getting tips from other’s who’ve been through the L2 process.


In my experience (passed last year) the best strategy late in the game is to focus on mock exams and Schweser questions. Keep track of any questions you get wrong and repeat these questions until you know the answers. Schweser questions are a little different than the exam, but if you can consistently get 70% or above you should have no trouble. Do the CAIA mock exam in the last week, this is a good approximation of exam questions. Don’t panic about the essay component. Short concise answers of one or two sentences will do fine, with plenty of time provided for this section. If you are doing well on the multiple choice you should do fine in this section.

Thank you! That is very helpful…