Study strategy for Level 1

Hi I am starting today for the December exams. I saw the material provided by cfa and i think its huge. I have decided to enrol for Schweser. But i dont know what to enroll for… the study notes pack, exam bank or premium pack. Please help. Could someone pls advise a study strategy for completing all this curriculum by Dec 6th.

get started ASAFP and plan to study 250hrs MINIMUM for this exam. you’ve got 108 exam days left to study, which equates to 2.315 hours a day. . you’ve got 2757 pages of text to read, which equates to 25.528 pages a day to complete just the readings for the exam. leave room for at least 3 weeks of intense problem/exam review. dont’ want to discourage, just trying to motivate. get going now.

Thanks… but which one of Scweser do I pick… are the study notes enough? Or do i go for the essential Solution. Also how do i get hold of the past year cfa papers?

basic schweser study notes package should do the trick - that comes with 1 practice exams book. maybe even try and get hold of a copy of schweser secret sauce (its a summary of all the concepts, although does appear to miss a few things). dont ignore the questions at the back of the CFAi textbooks either. they are quiet tough but cover the concepts well. have a look on for past papers. not sure how to get hold of ACTUAL CFAi papers? heres my study plan in hours for Level 1 (from now until first week of November) based upon the CFA weightings: Topic Area Hrs total 130 Quantitative Methods 15 Economics 13 Financial Reporting and Analysis 26 Corporate Finance 10 Equity Investments 13 Fixed Income 15 Derivatives 6 Alternative Investments 4 Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning (total) 6 Ethical and Professional Standards (total) 19 hope this helps and best of luck. in the last month - questions questions and then more questions!!!

I used the 2007 Schweser Study notes (books 1-5) and for questions and I just passed the 2008 exam. I probably studied around 230 hours. This was with a strong financial background and a non related degree. I also only started studying 2 months before the exam so you still have plenty of time. I guess it all comes down to how you learn. But this worked for me. Although I didnt think that the Anaystnotes questions were that well written but it did compare you with everyone sitting the exam which was good and its cheap. There is also the option of using the CFA text for Ethics which a lot of people seem to do (small section large weight). If you have lots of money I would have a look at this link. Hope this helps. Good luck for the exam