Study Strategy L1

Can anybody advice the best study strategy for Level 1 which will help in understanding the concepts to nail any question on the actual CFA exams and also create a strong understanding on the CBOK for L1 I am referring the Schweser material and can do the EOC questions, however the CFAI EOC are difficult and somehow Im not confident on answering these EOC questions Any suggestions as I understand the actual exams are not as easy as the Schweser questions

Just keep hitting the Q-bank! I know that there are some people who claim that the Q-Bank is not a good preparation for the actual exam, but I did about 3,000 questions on there, plus the Schweser practice exams and the mocks and samples from the CFA and I passed with flying colors. The problem with the CFA EOCs is that they are often not multiple-choice, which is annoying. I’d recommend doing the MS ones, and focus on Schweser for the rest. Also, do take your time to review any test questions/exams you take. Last year when I studied for L1, I found that some of the most useful studying resulted from doing that - and make sure that you check ALL questions, not just the ones you got right (it does happen that you answer correctly but you reasoning was off). Keep doing that, take notes, and go through those. Good luck!

kingstongal : Whats the best approach to the practice questions (whether they are Q-bank or EOCs)? In the GMAT I used to do questions in batches (10 or 20 questions at a time) while timing myself with (average-question-time * number-of-questions). Then I go over my answers and review any difficult concepts there. Is this the same approach to CFA practice questions?

Sorry, didn’t see your msg before. Depends on your personal preferences - I used to do at least 60 questions in one set at the beginning, but then realized that this was very inefficient. I would get bored by the end and not work as concentrated. So then I started doing smaller sets of about 30-40 questions - and of course take some time to carefully review the answers. I guess you could do even smaller sets, but since you also need to get used to doing large sets of questions like in the exam I wouldn’t go too small. Later on in your preparation, you need to start taking the test exams provided by Schweser and the CFA and here I would recommend doing the full 3 hour set in one go. I am not sure whehter one needs to take a full exam (i.e. two 3 hour sets) in a day. I didn’t and it certainly didn’t do any harm. What’s important that you learn to manage your time for a 3 hour set. I hope this helps!