Study Strategy

Hello Everyone: Just wondering if folks are concentrating on any particular sections and chapters as opposed to just going through the question test banks over and over again (which is what I am doing). I have broken out my studying in 3 components: math questions, database questions, and Essays. But in the end, I keep coming back to just charging through the database of questions - isnt there a more efficient way? Thanks

Hey power10in2, I did that last year and failed, literally exactly what you are doing. You will do fine on the MC with this strategy but I’m not sure if you’re really learning anything for the essays. I’ve found that doing notecards makes my brain work a bit more, and am really focusing on Hedge Fund note cards since that is my weakest area. I find I know it better if I have to recite it to myself in my head before flipping the card

Hey MissCleo Well that would explain why I am taking it again - lol. Really appreciate the insight. I didnt recognize any of the MC last time - it was very frustrating and then 70> on the Essay. I am still astounded…I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.